• Company owned Class 8 truck tractors
  • Company trucks are equpped with either APU (Auxilary Power Units) or cab heating units. This reduces the idling of Truck engines, reducing green house gases. Also enables drivers to have better sleep to reduce fatigue. Reduces fuel consumption.
  • 9 specialized multi-compartment semi lube tankers, 7 having heating capabilities for northern winter operations to ensure reliable year round service.  1 semi trailer capable of hauling up to 16 cubes or a combination of cubes and package goods.
  • 8 compartment tanker built in 2004 as the 1st of its kind in Canada.  Electronic meters calibrated for all 65 lube products, calibrated by Measurement Canada, Western Canada Division
  • All delivery meters have been certified by Measurement Canada for trade.  ISO standard meter recall system exceeds Measurement Canada requirements
  • Typically all equipment is Only used for hauling new lube oils products, unless Shippers are involved and Quality processes are followed for flushing & purging prior to re-loading. All equipment is equipped with standardized colour product tags and operating systems for quality control.
  • Safety equipment including spill kits, backup alarms, amber beacon ray lights, reflective tape, hard hats, safety glasses, reflective vests & fire extinguishers.
  • Product Transfer hose testing program – all pressure hoses tested yearly – this ensures that environmental risks (both land & marine) are reduced to a minimum. This system is audited annually.